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Seeking chefs and cashiers

We are looking for part timers and if you know someone around the area looking for a job and fits the role, please forward this message for us!

This part-time position will be full-time depending on how well the cook or cashier performs in a fast-pace environment. Ideally, we want experienced chefs who has cooked Chinese food before or has a track history of willingness to learn; looking for experience in customer service from cashiers. They will need help on days from Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11AM to 11PM but can be flexible if discussed. Pay is to be discussed if the owner is interested in hiring. Email at for interested or questions.


Check out GottaMenu

My name is Nicole Zheng, daughter of the owners of Wok Wok Chinese Restaurant. I recognize there has been a need in quickly finding food menus that are accurate and well represented by food businesses, thus I am building a software called GottaMenu.

Learn about GottaMenu through our website:

Any feedback or new features you would like to see in connection to food menus is always welcomed. Please let me know at

Thank you so much for your time and hope to hear from you soon!

-Nicole Zheng


This post has updates for the both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. Please be sure to read carefully and thank you for stopping by here! (This posts applies to ONLY Christmas Eve and New Years Eve).

*We are open on Christmas Day and New Years Day*


  • Masks are required
  • Max capacity of 5 customers in the restaurant
  • We highly encourage waiting outside or in your vehicles after you’ve ordered or checked in with us. (We will call your number once your food is ready.)
  • Take-outs only





  • Only one-sized portions
  • No combinations
  • No changes or modifications to food items, including spices
  • Unfortunately cannot accommodate allergies


  1. If possible, please call ahead (even better a day before).
  2. Be prepared to choose alternative pick up times as we cannot guarantee a time slot.
  3. Provide your name and phone number.
  4. We will call you when your order is done. We may use a different phone number outside of the business to contact you.
  5. If you have any issues with our order, please understand that we are on our busiest day of the year, so try giving us a call after 7pm or call the next day so we can provide you the best customer service.

DoorDash Deliveries

September 2020 Update: DoorDash took us off their system without notice and because of persistent issues from their end, we decided not to pursue the delivery service in connection to our business. We apologize for any inconveniences.

May 2020 Update: DoorDash often lists us as closed, inaccurately. We are working with them to represent our business hours correctly. Our official hours are posted on this website, which is also shown on Google. We only close Mondays.

Wok Wok Chinese Restaurant offers take-out services in which can be delivered through DoorDash. We are not a Merchant user through DoorDash so we are not responsible for any errors or issues stemming from the process of a delivery of our food.

For concerns, please contact DoorDash customer service at (855) 973-1040.

COVID-19 Updates

September 2020 Update: Customers can have sit-ins now. Please consider the health of others by wearing masks and also practice social distancing when waiting in line. Thank you for understanding.

Wok Wok Chinese Restaurant is an essential business so we will continue to run as normal. We close on Mondays.

We clean the restaurant every night. For health concerns, we will remain diligent in sanitizing the front counter and offer sanitizers if available. All staff make effort to ensure food is handled appropriately. We are also asking people to distance themselves from the counter and from others when idle.

According to CDC, COVID-19 spreads person-to-person and while there is no evidence that it spreads through food, please be sure to wash your hands and utensils before eating. Please see CDC’s frequently asked questions.